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Stageline Paint Stick

Almaxi Present Now Stageline Paint Stick Foundation in stick with high coverage power and resistance. Silky touch (formulated with micronized pigments), anti-wrinkle effect (vitamin E), highly moisturizing (phytosterols). Contains solar filter. Apply with sponge, brush or fingertips. Recommended for combination and dry skin.

Stageline Velvet Blush Mineral Pigments

Almaxi Present Now Stageline Velvet Blush Mineral Pigments Blusher formulated with micronized pigments which helps to smooth and strengthen without drying the skin. Natural even finish with reflecting properties. Protects against sun radiation for its reflecting effect. Oil free.

Stageline X-FIX Lips Gloss

Almaxi Present now Stageline X-FIX Lips Gloss Introducing new longer stay lipstick range with matt finish, “X-Fix Lips” which fixates on your lips for upto 12+ hours without letting its actual color fade away.