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Pasha Australian Merino Wool Cot

Almaxi presents now Pasha Australian Merino Wool Cot Brand : Pasha

Pasha Eminence Cotton

Almaxi present now Pasha Eminence Cotton Fabric : Fine Cotton This is a very superior line of fabrics, of distinctively high quality and a faultless weave.

Pasha Four Seasons

Almaxi present now Pasha Four Seasons Long Staple Egyptian Cotton The splendor of the seasons is nature?s gift to man; summer, winter, spring and autumn, each has its own romance and beauty. And here is fashions? year-round gift to our patrons.

Pasha Heritage

Almaxi Present now Pasha Heritage 
Fabric: Khaddar
Fine Cotton
The tough elegance of the best quality khaddar. Weaving homespun cotton khaddar is the legacy or heritage of Moenjo Daro, over three thousand years ago, that has passed down through the millennia. Here is this primal concept revitalized by the latest technology and woven on state-of- the-art looms to make this high quality, yet rough and elegant fabric.

Pasha MoonStone

Almaxi Present Now? Pasha MoonStone 100% Pure Combed Cotton A perfect fit for daily use and office get togethers. Best for cold weather use.
Packed in boxes of 4.5 meters

Pasha Platinum Plus

Almaxi Present Now Pasha PLATINUM PLUS Pasha Selected Extra Long Staple Cotton Perfection is the ultimate quality. Here is a fabric that involved a special technique of melding high contrast coloured,    

Pasha Platinum Textures

Almaxi Present Now Pasha Platinum Textures Pasha Selected Extra Long Staple Cotton The luster and richness of pasha platinum textures makes it the exclusive choice of elegant gentlemen.

Pasha Premium Plus

Almxi present now Pasha Premium Plus Super Fine Egyptian Cotton

Pasha Radiance

Almaxi Present Now Pasha Radiance Super Fine Egyptian Cotton It stays cool and comfortable while remaining fresh and crisp the whole day.

Pasha Winter Cotton

Almaxi Present now Pasha Winter Cotton Fine Cotton