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1203 – Glass Feeder – 240ml – Glass

This glass color feeder comes with a very unique design which provides an attractive look in it. The material used in it will meet your expectation and need also. Almost every kid and baby will enjoy it. Now with a new look, it is even better than before and its quality will definitely meet your desire. So you may take this to bring a smile to the face of your kid and enjoy the feel of the good quality product.

9023 Wide Neck Bottle With Base Handle 9 oz/250 ml

Wide neck feeding bottle Shaped for providing an easy grip, during feeding Stable base Removable handles attached to the base, for gripping during feeding. Has soft coating for extra comfort. Transparent for hygienic cleaning Made from high quality plastic material. Teat is made from medical grade silicone, which is also volatile and nitrosamine safe. Guaranteed not to perish odorless tasteless and non-toxic.

Philips Avent Toddler Divider Plate Scf702/00

Avent Baby Bowl Toddler Divider Plate will keep your child engaged during the process of self-feeding. The plate's graphics help encourage eating, making the transition from to solids a more pleasurable experience. Easy for toddlers to use, the plate has easy-scoop sides that help little hands capture food, and the anti-slip base keeps the plate in place and helps prevent spills. Features: Safety Logos Encourages Eating Through Fun Learning Easy-Scoop Sides Ideal for Self-Feeding Anti-Slip Base Prevents Spills Plate Dividers Keep Foods Separate BPA free Dishwasher and Microwave Safe

Pur Wide neck bottle 1110

This is a beautifully printed with cartoon baby bottle comes in 5OZ and about 150ml in Blue Color. Best for your cute little babies under 1 year.

Pur 4oz / 125ml. Advanced Feeding Bottle

Features:?Standard base feeding bottle?Ergonomically designed. Shaped for providing an easy grip, during feeding.?Stable base?Icon placed on hood?Nipple attached is a standard base pro flo nipple?Made from high quality plastic material. ?Teat is madefrom medicalgrade silicone, which is also volatile and nitrosamine safe. Guaranteed not to perish odorless tasteless and non-toxic.? BPA free

Pur 5 oz./130 ml. Wide Mouth Comfort Feeder: 1301

Soft nipple transparent flukes easy to feed . Pur 5 oz./130 ml Wide Mouth Comfort Feeder Code-1301 1. Has a wide mouth that is largest size of the mouth for a feeding bottle, under Pur. This size allows mothers to pour milk powder in the bottle more easily and can contain teat that is more like a mother?s nipple. The wide neck also allows the bottle to be shorter than a standard neck or a wide neck feeding bottle. 2. The hood of the bottle has a measuring scale, to measure the amount of milk powder to be poured in, each time, and it can be attached to the base of the bottle. 3. The shape of the bottle allows an easy and comfortable grip for babies and feeders, while feeding. 4. The bottle is wide so can act as a good drinking cup as well, if proper lid is attached. 5. Attached with a wide mouth (comfort feeder) silicone nipple that not only is built with the advanced proflo technology that allows an unrestricted/smooth flow of liquid, but also mimics mother?s teat that allows mothers to more easily alternate between breast feeding and bottle feeding. 6. BPA FREE

Pur Advanced Feeding Bottle 125ml – 1801

The feeding bottle ? Attached with proflo nipple that has a specially designed air valve that allows air to enter from outside to inside, while drinking. This creates an unrestricted flow of liquid, that prevents colic hazard. Also, the nipple mimics mother?s breast, making it easier to alternate between bottle feeding and breast feeding. Silicone teat made from medical grade silicone. The bottle has a hood and a disc to place in the neck of the bottle, to prevent leakage during transportation Made from food grade plastics, BPA Free material Easy to grip bottle shape, 100% dishwasher safe (top rack only) and sterilizable. Pro-Flo nipple, new patented technology from Pur. Before each use, sterilize all parts of bottle by immersing in boiling water , or by using an electric or microwave steam sterilizer.

Pur Classy Feeding Bottle, Variable Flow, 240ml – 1102

Pur silicone nipples are passes repeated post production testing and prolinged curing processes, have almost zeroed volatile substances on nipple distributed which are safe for your baby. Pur Silicone nipple is Volatile safe. Made from food grade plastics Medical grade silicone nipple Variable flow nipple for baby aged 3 months up Odorless and tasteles

Pur Disposable Breast Pads 24pcs Pack Code-9831

Comfortable Easy fit Superabsorbent for quick soak up of milk after leakage Extra soft Breathable Hygienic

Pur Feeder Bottle 1107

Transparent bottle body and transparent nipple cover resists any outside effect and large liquid flow system makes it easy for the baby to enjoy milk easily. The material used in building is totally BPA free (Polypropylene and Liquid silicon), therefore non-toxic and non-poisonous.

Pur Feeding Bottle 250m -79018

Feeding your baby can be a difficult enough process. You can ease the process by using Pur Feeding Bottle, a straight bottle with enhanced drinking performance. Its baby feeding valve system includes an in-built anti chamber that allows for faster air intake and ensures your baby has to make the least possible effort when sucking the nipple!

Pur Feeding Bottle Slow Flow- 1901

Smart and Classic Style 3OZ and about 80ml in Size Best suitable for babies under 6 months Beautiful light print on the bottle Cap color can be changed Small in size and can be fit in any bag