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Baby Soap NEXTON Aloe Vera 100g

Almaxi presents now Baby Soap NEXTON Aloe Vera 100g.

Baby Soap NEXTON Rose Water 100g

Almaxi presents now Baby Soap NEXTON Rose Water 100g. Enriched with vitamin E.

Nexton Baby Oil 125 ml

Nexton Baby Oil is beneficial in several ways. When used on a baby?s skin, it acts as an antiseptic layer that inhibits germs and bacterial growth. It also serves as an insulating layer of oil which protects the baby from harsh climate conditions like heat in summer and cold in winter. As Nexton Baby Oil contains Vitamin E, it is good for skin. Vitamin E is known to work as an antiseptic and as an essential element in fighting dryness of the skin. Coupled with minute quantities of Vitamin A, it helps in moisturizing the skin and encouraging cell growth. Aloe Vera extracts, on the other hand, keep the skin soft and glowing thorough out the day and makes for an excellent tool against diaper rash which can leave the baby?s skin dry.

Nexton Baby Powder (White) 200gm

Beautifully soft, our special Baby Powder formula provides extra absorption power and care for your baby?s delicate skin. Its ability to absorb excess moisture will ensure that your baby stays happy and dry whilst its mild, pleasant fragrance will keep baby smelling fresh and clean.

Nexton Baby Rash Off Powder 200gm

Our fast acting powder helps provide quick relief and is perfect for keeping your baby happy and dry. It?s excellent for preventing and soothing nappy rash and providing protective care for your baby against unwanted wetness and bacteria. This specially medicated formula can be applied at every nappy change to ensure clean and dry comfort for your baby.