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Molfix – Baby Pants Pull Ups Midi 62 Pcs Jumbo Pack / 4-9 Kgs – Size 3

All mums will agree that ?A happy baby equates a happy Mum?. At Molfix Diapers, we believe that babies are the leaders of tomorrow and keeping them happy and free goes a long way in fostering their development. Our diapers guarantee these and so much more because of its anatomic structure and other features detailed below.Extra absorbent green layer, soaking up all your baby?s pee Super elastic side bands, giving your baby freedom of movement and also allows the diaper adjust to your baby?s changing tummy size as they feed. No need to re-adjust Breathable back sheet, allowing free flow of air and prevent diaper rash Soft Top sheet, whi

Molfix 3 Medi 4 to 9 Kg 76pcs

Baby Diaper 3D Size 4 Maxi 68 Pcs Jumbo Pack / 7-14 Kgs 2 Pieces Free Double Anti Leakage Elastic Barriers Aloe Vera and Chamomile Extracts that prevents rashes Air Soft Technology to keep it breathable Anti-Leakage Elastic Barriers No Sagging

Molfix Baby Pants 3 Midi 31pcsMOLFIX BABY PANTS 3 MIDI 31PCS

Brand: Molfix One Diaper Size: 3 Number of Pieces: 31 Baby's Weight: 4 - 9 kg Latex, Paraben and BPA free It's Anatomic-fit and it has a flexible waist and body system

Molfix Diaper Pants-Culottes, Size 4, Maxi, 7-18 kg, 28 Count

Attuned with soft and breathable material that prevents the sensitive skin from chafing Crafted with superior absorbent material and a contoured design for a snug fit Features reinforced lining that efficiently blocks fraying

Molfix Diapers Pants Maxi-Jumbo Pack, Size 4 – Set of 3

Brand: Molfix One Diaper Size: 4 Baby's Weight: 7 - 18 kg Each Pack has 56 Pieces Latex, Paraben and BPA free It's Anatomic-fit and it has a flexible waist and body system

Pampers Pants Culottes Size 5 (12-18KG) Junior 26 Counts

3 extra absorbing that distribute wetness Easy and comfortable to change 12 hours of dryness with absorbent micro-pearls Elastic waistbands Easy to pull like pants The breathable belt for baby's comfort Size 5: Junior (12 - 18 kg) Quantity: 26 Let your baby sleep peacefully at night! The Pampers Pants have revolutionary 3 extra absorbing channels that distribute wetness evenly throughout the pamper to avoid clumping and sagging. It features absorbent micro-pearls that provide approximately 12 hours of dryness. If your baby is fussy then this product is ideal for you, as it is easy and comfortable to change as it has elastic waistbands and is easy to pull up like pants. Moreover, it has a breathable belt and lotion that protects against rashes while keeping the baby relaxed.

Pampers Pants Jumbo S3 (6 – 11Kg) ?62 pcs . Midi

Diaper Size: 3 Baby Weight: 6 - 11Kg Pack Count: 62 Extra soft and secure Up to 12 hours protection Day and night comfort