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.Pampers Value Pack Baby Diapers Size 2 20 Pcs (3-8 Kg)

Discover unbeatable protection for up to 12 hours with Pampers Baby Dry Taped Diaper and enjoy a good night?s sleep. Designed with a special cotton-soft material infused with baby lotion, it?s gentle on the skin and still super effective in keeping wetness and irritation at bay. Your baby deserves nothing but the best, and that?s what we deliver with a magic gel layer that locks wetness inside. So, no more leakage, only superior comfort for your precious little one.

1203 – Glass Feeder – 240ml – Glass

This glass color feeder comes with a very unique design which provides an attractive look in it. The material used in it will meet your expectation and need also. Almost every kid and baby will enjoy it. Now with a new look, it is even better than before and its quality will definitely meet your desire. So you may take this to bring a smile to the face of your kid and enjoy the feel of the good quality product.

Angry Bird Yellow Cologne -50ml

For kids Cologne Long Lasting Angry Bird 50Ml Yellow Cologne

Avent Advance baby bottle 2 Bottles, 4oz/125ml, Newborn flow nipple, SCF-660/27

Sleep and nutrition are vital to your baby?s health and happiness. The Philips AVENT 2 Advanced Classic feeding bottle SCF660/27 significantly reduces colic and fussing. This BPA-free feeding bottle consists of only three components for ease of cleaning and has an dormal cap for hygienic storage and transportation. As your baby feeds, the unique skirt on the AVENT Nipple flexes to allow air into the bottle instead of your baby?s tummy. Like natural breastfeeding your baby controls the milk flow.

Avent Classic+ Feeding Bottle 0m+ 2-Pack 125ml – SCF560/27

Do you want your new born baby to have a comfortable feeding experience? Buy the Avent Feeding Bottle SCF560/27 which has the capacity to hold 125ml of liquid. This classic feeding bottle comes along with an air flex venting system and is designed in such a way that helps to reduce any discomfort during the feeding. Another great thing about this classic Avent feeding bottle is its anti-colic valve that stops the gas from entering the baby?s stomach. Its unique bottle shape helps the bottle to keep a firm on it.

Avent Classic+ Feeding Bottle 1m+ 260ml (Boys/Crabs) – SCF573/14

With Avent Classic Feeding Bottle 260ml SCF573/14, say no more drips, burps, spit-up, and gas. If you need a feeding bottle that calms and soothes your baby, use this feeding bottle and you will be pleased with the results. Your baby can control the amount of milk they drink from the bottle. Since it features removable parts with a wide neck opening, you can clean it thoroughly by hand or put it in the dishwasher. You can sit back and relax while you feed your baby. The bottle features an ergonomic design, which allows your baby to hold it easily in their hand.

Avent Classic+ Feeding Bottle 1m+ 260ml- SCF573/13

Do you have a colicky baby who cries non-stop, especially at night? One of the reasons for why your baby has become so fussy may be because of the feeding bottle you are using. You require a state-of-the-art feeding bottle, made especially for colicky babies. The Avent Classic Feeding Bottle 260ml SCF573/13 features an anti-drip system and airflex ventilation system that soothes the baby by allowing them to control the flow of milk. You do not want to use a feeding bottle that triggers their colicky behavior, but one that works to reduce it so both you and your child can have a wonderful feeding experience.

Avent Classic+ Feeding Bottle 2-Pack 1m+ 260ml- SCF573/22

The Avent Classic Feeding Bottle 2'S 260ml SCF573/22 features a state-of-the-art and clinically proven airflex venting system and textured teat to reduce interruptions and fuzzy behavior while feeding. Equipped with an anti-colic valve, air is expelled from the bottle, thus preventing it from entering your baby?s stomach. If your baby?s cries keep you up at night and feeding have become a terrible experience for you, this feeding bottle will change your mind. You will enjoy feeding your baby using this feeding bottle.

Avent Fast Bottle Warmer – SCF355/00

Avent's fastest electric bottle warmer quickly and evenly warms your milk Gentle defrosting Warms baby food too Warms evenly, no hot spots Warms quickly For days when you're rushed off your feet, this Philips Avent baby bottle warmer warms your milk quickly and evenly in just 3 minutes. Easy to operate, it features a handy defrost setting and can also be used to warm baby food.

Avent Milk Powder Container Scf135/06

  • Microwavable and dishwasher proof
  • Can be used in Sterilizer