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MISTINE Face Wash Acne Clear

Almaxi presents Now MISTINE Face Wash Acne Clear 85 G  Facial cleansing foam effectively clean your face with 5 valuable ingredients. Your face will noticeably cleaner and visibly clearer from acne. Acnet TM, continuously control the exceed sebum. Tea Tree Oil, Antimicrobial. -Centella Asiatica Extract & Beta-Glucan, Reduce and prevent scar. Witch Hazel Extract, Moisturizing.

MISTINE Face Wash Goat Milk

Almaxi presents Now MISTINE Face Wash Goat Milk 85 g Vitamin B3 helps whitening your skin. Continuous use will make your skin whiter, smoother and suppler with younger looking. Ingredients: Goat Milk, Royal Jelly Extract, Niacinamide, Ginkgo Leaf Extract. Direction: Squeeze a small dab of foam onto your palm and add water to create a soft and rich lather. Gently clean your face and wash off with clean water.