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Dynasty Atlanta Classic

Atlanta Classic Is a blend of polyester and viscose brought into the world of fashion by Dynasty. It incorporates Twill

Dynasty Avenue

Almaxi Present Now Dynasty Avenue Size :  4.25M Fabric : Wash & Wear Avenue has an excellent drape making it stylish to wear. Providing matchless comfort and warmth, Avenue is one to speak for itself.  

Dynasty CK One

Almaxi Present Now??Dynasty CK One? Fabric:??Wash & Wear Size? :? 4.25M This regal fabric has an outstanding level of comfort that is astonishing for a winter fabric to have. It has supreme softness, extra ordinary drape and flawless handle.

Dynasty Desire

Almaxi Present Now Dynasty Desire Size : 4.25M Fabric : Wash & Wear we hold customer satisfaction as the highest priority.

Dynasty Infinity

Almaxi Present Now  Dynasty Infinity Size : 4.25M Fabric : Merino Wool It specifically entails 100% finest ‘Merino wool” that is considered as some of the premium, finest and softest wool of any sheep. For a timeless winter feel, this exclusive fabric range shall give an opulent look befitting men.

Dynasty Karandi

Almaxi Present Now Dynasty Karandi Fabric:  Karandi

Dynasty Legacy

Almaxi Present Now  Dynasty Legacy SIZE : 4.25M Fabric : Wool Made with the highest quality of raw materials,sophisticated technologies and the very latest weaving and finishing machinery.

Dynasty Marvel

Almaxi Present Now Dynasty Marvel Size  : 4.25M Fabric  : Wash & Wear  

Dynasty Millennium

Almaxi Present Now Dynasty Millennium Fabric : Wash&Wear  

Dynasty Passion

Almaxi Present Now Dynasty Passion Fabric : Linen Catalog : Dynasty Passion

Dynasty Spark

Almaxi Present Now Dynasty Spark Size :  4.25M Fabric  :  Cotton It is a luxury gentlemens shirting and shalwar kameez fabric with a soft touch, light feel and beautiful shine.

Dynasty Spinel

Almaxi Present Now Dynasty Spinel Fabric : Cotton