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A 48H anti-perspirant formula designed for men with cooling agents which automatically reactivate when you most need it. 1. Long-lasting reactivating freshness 2. Combats bad odours and controls perspiration 3. Anti-wetness micro-captors for dry non-stop protection 4. Ultra-fresh woody-mint fragrance.

L?Or?al Paris Men Expert Body Spray (SHIRT PROTECT)

Formulated to protect your shirt from all type of marks (Sweat Patches,Yellow Stains,White Marks & Carboard Effect) Long Lasting Fresh Spicy Fragrance 48H Anti-Perspirant Developed with multiple technologies Protects against all types of deodorant anti-marks 100% Keeps you fresh and comfortable all day long

L’Or?al Extraordinary Clay Re-Balancing Conditioner, 400ml

The Science of Oily Roots and Dry Ends Oil produced from the scalp can build up causing the roots to become visibly greasy, weighing down the hair. Over-washing to combat this problem can strip the fibre leaving it dry. This results in a vicious cycle of washing. What if you could have hair that was cared for at both ends? The Secret of Clay for 72 Hours of Pure Roots and Hydrated Ends For the first time, L'Or?al Paris Laboratories have combined 3 Refined Clays to create its first re-balancing range revealing perfectly balanced, beautiful hair. 1 Scalp feels deeply purified for 72 hours with freshness and light, lifted roots. 2 Dry hair feels hydrated right to the ends for fluid, free-flowing lengths. 3 Revitalises the hair with softness, shine and bounce. A delicate Clay texture for hair purity, hydration and beauty. Proven Results: Deeply purified roots, hydrated feeling ends. For perfectly balanced, beautiful hair.

L’Or?al Hair Expertise Pure Smooth Shampoo, 250ml


L’Or?al Professionnel Serie Expert Pure Resource Shampoo 300ml

Treat your hair and scalp to the purifying properties of? L'Or?al Professionel Serie Expert Pure Resource Shampoo, a nourishing formula that performs an effective cleanse to rid hair of product build-up. Recommended for normal to oily hair, the formula helps to cleanse away dirt and oil, expertly purifying? the hair and scalp whilst? reducing product build-up, restoring radiance and controlling natural oils on the scalp. Infused with Vitamin E and Citramine, the shampoo will leave the hair and scalp feeling clean and protected.

L’Or?al Sensi Balance Shampoo Cleanse and Control 300 ml.

Comfort sensitive scalps with? L'Or?al Professionnel Serie Expert Sensi Balance Shampoo, a gentle cleansing formula dedicated to relieving and refreshing dry, itchy scalps. Performing a gentle cleanse, the shampoo effectively lifts away dirt and impurities whilst protecting and hydrating to promote a healthy scalp environment. Soothing and refreshing, the shampoo contains Sorbitol and leaves even the most dry, sensitive scalps feeling calm, clean and balanced.

L’Oreal Blush Sculpt Trio Contouring Blush 201 Soft Rosy

Coming in three yummy looking shades of baby pink, sheer coral and deep blush, this 3-in-1 blush delivers a soft, glowing blush to the apples and highest points of your cheeks. Super pigmented, long-lasting, velvety and packed with shimmer, these complimentary colours blend as you apply.

L’Oreal Men Expert Carbon Protect?

L'Oreal Men Expert Carbon Protect Deodorant. Stay cool and protected from sweat by using L'Oreal Men Expert Deodorant. 4-in-1 total protection against odour, perspiration, bacteria and yellow stains.

L’Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Powder –

L?Oreal True Match Compact is the perfect makeup base that evens skin texture. It is super-bendable and gives a flawless and smooth looking complexion all day long.

Loreal Expert Vit Color Aox Mask

L'oreal professional serie expert vitamin color a-ox color radiance jelly mask pairs,smoothens and prolongs color radiance for color-treated hair in one minute only. The vitamin a-ox complex of antioxidants and up filters helps withstand elements that fade color and shine.

Loreal Paris Sun Block 30ml

  • ? L'Or?al Paris Sublime Sun Cellular Protect Format Voyage Lait Multi-protecteur Cellulaire FPS30 50 ml
Protection that strengthens the defenses and protects the cells against skin damage. SUBLIME SUN MILK CELLULAR PROTECT SPF 30+ is suitable for sensitive skin and offers a targeted action against six sun damage: erythema sunburn, dryness, wrinkles, tightness, sunspots and aging of the skin.