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Keeping your baby is feeding bottles absolutely clean is of utmost importance to ensure your baby is health and well being. When you clean your baby is bottle you must ensure that there are not milk remnants, because these can cause the collection of germs in the bottle. Giving your baby a germ-contaminated bottle can cause illnesses like thresh and even more severe illnesses like vomiting and diarrhoea. Using a feeding bottle like the Farlin Top Feeding Bottle - Medium can ensure optimum hygiene for your baby because this bottle has a very smooth inner surface that has been designed to prevent the bottle from retaining milk remnants and dust particles. This feature makes the bottle easy to clean and ensures that your baby is safe from germs and illness. The Top Feeding Bottle from Farlin is made from high grade polycarbonate plastic and comes with a nipple. The T-3 sucker stretch feature allows your baby suck comfortably and also reduces the amount of air ingested by the baby, thereby reducing the chances of colic. The unbreakable Farlin Top Feeding Bottle is dishwasher safe and can be boiled and sterilized for better hygiene.

Farlin Feeding Bottle for Baby Wide Neck 200CC – NF-809

Farlin Wide Neck Feeder 200 cc with Anti-Colic silicone nipple. It has Golden triangle nipple that elongates like mothers nipple. Help baby to drink comfortably. It has anti colic system that allows constant liquid flow with less ingestion of air, the designed fur-preventing system help to keep babys oral hygiene. Features: Natural feeding design Wide Neck 200 cc No-BPA detected Completely Transparent Makes It Easier To Clean. Bottle Neck Has Smoother Inner Surface.

Farlin Feeding Bottle PP-868

Suitable for wide age & baby use. Nipple teat can stretch & contract. Width neck bottle is easy to wash & easy to load powder milk. Two fur-preventing devices on Nipple surface, reduces the fur on the tongue. Angled shape bottle easily controls fluid to avoid choking & also helps to decreases raising baby's head angle. This glass feeding bottle is Boro-Silicate made safe and hygienic one from Germany, worth non-toxic and boilable. High temperature shock resistance special glass (best safety results). Farlin Heat Resistant Glass Feeder is free from deformation. Neutral in smell, so remains less milk smell after use. Smooth surface, to avoid germs stock on it. Bottle neck has smooth inner surface makes it easier to clean & it will not retain milk or dust.

Farlin Heat Resistant Glass Feeder (TOP-808G)

Material: Glass High Heat Resistance Low Chemical Reactivity Completely Transparent Makes It Easier To Clean. Bottle Neck Has Smoother Inner Surface. Unbreakable, Boil-Able, Sterilize-Able, And Dishwasher Safe.

Farlin Heat Resistant Glass Feeder (TOP-808G)

a-33 Boro-Silicate Glass: With low thermal expansion, high heat resistance, high shock resistance, high hardness, high transparency amd low chemical reactivity,. Presents a very high quality bottle material. High Temperature Change Durability: Can resist 600?C, and up to 150? temperature change. Low Chemical Activity: Stable and neutral material, will not react with acid or alkaline, safe for making milk. Golden Triangle Nipple: Featured nipple imitated mother's breast and designed to elongate while baby drinking milk.

Farlin Top Feeding Bottle Top-747

Made from superior quality plastic - polycarbonate Because of smooth inner wall, it is easy to clean Includes a special sucker stretch T-3, which effectively reduces colic With its complete transparency is perfectly clean Bottleneck has smooth inner wall, so it is easy to clean and not deposited in it remnants of milk Dimension 5.3 x 5.3 x 19 cm Capacity 250 ml Style Code: TOP 747- PINK Contains: 1 Top Feeding Bottle

Philips Avent 2 in 1 Electric Steam Sterilizer (Code-SCF922/03)

The sterilizer's lid has been cleverly designed so that it can be hung on the side of the sterilizer after use or used to take out and stand the baby bottles and other products on.


High temperature shock resistance ? Best liability & hygiene results ? Stretchy anti-colic P-3 nipple attached ? Boro-Silicate glass made