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Almaxi Presents Now Enchanteur Pocket Perfume Charming

ENCHANTEUR Body Lotion Moisture Silk Aloe Vera & Olive Butter Romantic

Enchanteur Moisture Silk Body Lotion Romantic Its non-greasy moisture silk formulation is specially enriched with aloe vera and olive butter to give your skin optimum moisturisation and nourishment .

Enchanteur Enticing Shower Gel

Shower gel is designed to soften and deeply moisturize your skin. Use it with a loofah, and it gently exfoliates your skin, leaving it radiant, lush and smooth. Bathe with it daily, to feel fresh, fragrant and exquisitely feminine. The key to beautiful skin is moisture which is where this beauty bath comes in. An incredible indulgent bathing experience and pampered, soft skin.


Almaxi Presents Now Enchanteur Pocket perfume Romantic  100% original